My life’s work has been dedicated to helping people heal themselves and find their power and truth that is hidden within.  There is a unique difference between “healing” and “Awakening.”  Healing allows us to feel the freedom of infiniteness and discover our beautiful and unique expression of truth, joy and fulfillment.  Awakening is the what happens when you let go and “experience,” not know with the mind, the truth of who you.  Then you can integrate that truth into every dimension of our body, mind, and world.  Most people believe that meditation is only a path to awakening.  Actually meditation can also heal our mind and body.  You would just need to learn the distinguishing characteritics from a healing and an awakening meditation.

At this time I am being led to share how you can learn both aspects of meditation and coach you in transforming your meditation practice into a practice that will heal your wounds and physical challenges allowing you to experience a resistance free path to your own awakening – enlightenment. I will teach you the techniques that I have learned and used over the last 40 years that have led me to my True Self.  While your path will be your own, not mine, the techniques are universal.

In order to do this I offer Live Video Conversations, Online Sacred Retreats, and offer personal mentoring.

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