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Do You Struggle with:

  • Having enough energy to create your ideal life?
  • Feeling overloaded with responsibilities to work, family, and relationships?
  • Not having enough time for yourself?
  • Not feeling connected to yourself or your purpose in life?
  • Staying regular in your spiritual practice or meditations?
  • Understanding why your meditations are not producing the results you desire?
  • The inability to hold onto those higher states of consciousness?

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My life’s work has been dedicated to helping people heal themselves, starting with myself first, as well as finding my power and truth that was hidden within.  Like yourself, my initial search, was for clarity, energy, and peace of mind so that I could enjoy my life.   Healing allowed me to feel the freedom of infiniteness and discover my beautiful and unique expression of truth, joy and fulfillment.  

If you are struggling with life, with either a lack of energy, clarity or purpose like I was, then you know how frustrating it can be to be in this world without the sense of oneself, peace of mind, and the freedom to be yourself for your family, for Love, and for life.

I made a decision early on in my life to be more than just a happy being but to know my true self, to know and experience the infinite nature that animates the happiness that I create everyday for my family, friends and students.  I have created a program, a plan, that anyone can follow to achieve what I have accomplished.  I have taught thousands of people, over the last 40 years, what I have learned over my lifetime and I can teach you as well.   If you follow my proven plan I can promise you that your life will change.  You will discover a never-ending source of peace and freedom that lies within you.  When you bring that value out into your life everything changes.   

Whether you decide to discover more and “Awaken” to your true nature, or not, it doesn’t matter for the joys of what you will accomplish in this program will be yours forever!

I care about you, I know what it feels like to struggle and suffer in this complicated world.  What’s different about my programs is that it doesn’t require you to be anything but yourself.   My simple, but powerful plan is easy to follow.  You can learn to meditate, if you don’t already, or I can help you improve your practice where ever you are.    

 Contact me, I know that sounds risky but in your complimentary session, I will show you one technique that will demonstrate to you that everything I am suggesting is possible.

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