Still in Boulder Colorado

Still loving Boulder although this is our 4th winter and it still takes a few snowfalls to warm up to it (not punt intended.)

My Memoir –

Re-write, re-write, and more re-writing it never ends.  It’s also on the back burner till IU finish producing my new class..

My New Direction –

Soon to be release Teleclass Dialogues called “The Returning to Self.”  These dialogues will be available live on a regular basis and recorded online for those that love to binge watch.  It has been a wonderful creative journey creating a class about Awakening

Always Integrating –

My body has finally returned to some state of normalcy.  The hives have been gone for months and the anti-histamine diet worked.  Thank you Mee Tacy-McCormick.


Last updated –  November 23, 2019


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