Life in Boulder Colorado

We had a record snow fall in early December and, to date, there still some snow here and there.  I’m still enjoying the beautiful mountains and incredible cloud formations.

My Memoir –

The Book is hold until the release of the my new course “Returning to Self: Your Roadmap to Self-Mastery.”  The book feels so far away and I’m please about it for it’s giving me a new perspective every time I come back to it after a long absence. Some how I just know that it will be perfect.

My New Direction –

It’s very exciting as I get closer to releasing my “The Returning to Self: Your Roadmap to Self-Mastery.”  There will be an online version so that those people who like to binge in their pajama’s will have access to the seminal knowledge.

Always Integrating –

My body has finally returned to some state of normalcy.  The hives have calmed down and the bliss is more present.  Although Bliss is not an end in and of itself it stills feels like a home coming experience where me and the Divine get to hang out in this relative existence.

Love to you All and Happy New Year and New Decade…


Last updated –  January 13th,  2020

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