Living in Boulder Colorado

We moved to Boulder Co. and I’m loving it.  I’ve traded in the California beaches for the mountains and most days I’m okay with that.  Long hikes and sunny winters just thrill my soul.

My New Memoir –

I’ve started to write the story of my Awakening and for a first book it seems doable however there are so many points of view that I can write from – that I’m already on my second re-write.

My New Direction –

I’ve been a meditation teacher and coach my entire life and now as go through the integration of my new life-paradigm I’m considering speaking and sharing about the power of “Grace” and “Connecting  to Our Soul’s Purpose.”  What a shift!!!

Always Integrating –

My body is still responding to the shift to higher consciousness through the expression of hive attacks.  While I’m certain that it’s “internal” I’m still trying to address its physical aspect.  Since allopathic medicine was a disappointment I’ve turned to the alternative paths.  Next week I visit a healer/chiropractic in New Mexico….more later


Last updated –  July 7-27-19


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