Life in Boulder Colorado

Just as the snow from last November’s dumping melted away we got another 12 inches the other day.  We woke up to 0 degree temps this morning and although it’s so beautiful here I’ve definitely had enough shoveling for this winter.

My Memoir –

The Book is still on hold until the release of the my new course “Returning to Self: Your Roadmap to Self-Mastery.”  The book feels so far away and I’m please about it for it’s giving me a new perspective every time I come back to it after a long absence. Some how I just know that it will be perfect.

My New Course on Meditation and Self-Awareness –

I still have some re-writing and revising to improve the focus while still creating a foundation on the dynamic processes’s.  As the course continues to grow I wonder if it’s too much and should be split into two classes.  More later…

Instagram –

I’m having a blast on Instagram posting and videoing on topics that I love.  My following is growing, and I’m meeting so many fantastic people and developing some wonderful relationships.   You can check me out at @edfox947 


Last updated –  February 5th,  2020

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