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Here is an opportunity to gather live and online, to discuss various topics that will help you on your journey to discovering your true nature.  There is always an opportunity to share, ask questions, or both.  Here you will find the encouragement you may need to stay the course or new insights to help you on your quest to awakening to your true nature.

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Wednesday JAN 23 2019  7:30PM MST 6:30PM 9:30Pm EST

On our journey back to the self we find that we fluctuate from a sense of peace back to worry or discomfort even though we can’t percieve any major shifts in our awareness or circumstances.

These shifts, no matter how small or large, are actually governed not by what we are thinking or feeling but how we are identifying with what going on inside and outside of us. This may be why the path to Awakening, is one of integrating these two sides of the scale together.

We have some amazing facilities, unique to human beings, such as the ability to direct our attention and to identify with thoughts, objects, people, and concepts. When this abilities are left to their own stewardship we find ourselves in an identification crisis where we no longer recognize who we truly are!

This is a seminal and powerful subject for discussion.

I would like to invite you to an evening of Sharing, Loving, and Community where you can share or discover on your own, in your own words, how you can work with this “glue of attachment” in your own way.

Come and be part of your next miracle!

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