my divine marching orders

Since the inception of this blog my insistence on being totally transparent has occasionally made me uncomfortable because in all those experiences where i have had great clarity i realized, early on, that i am writing for you, rather than myself; as i have been instructed to share for reasons beyond my knowing.   So this post definitely falls into that category because i am sharing a very personal communication.  What i thought was going to be a “time alone” road trip to Phoenix turned out to be my divine “marching orders” into a totally new teaching ciriculumn that i could never have imagined.   Continue Reading →

it really is a mindbody awakening

Her voice, so smooth and gentle, suggesting that i find my own point where I could manage the stretch with relaxation, inviting my body to extend beyond it comforts and remain in a pose for what felt like a lifetime.  It dawned on me later that this was a complement to my inquiry work.  With my soles touching, knees bent, my arched backed push my heart open and out.  I surrendered into the muscles, sinews and pulled facia when out of nowhere an energy began to stir deep within my pelvis and i was startled to realize how my mindbody coordination had just taken a quantum leap rocketing out the atmosphere of my reason.   Continue Reading →