“Oh there you are”

The warm air kissed my face as i left the coffee shop feeling as if i was light as a feather after my meeting with Brad, my new friend and writing coach. He had just cracked open my brain with the most brilliant ideas, suggestions, and direction for writing my awakening memoir. i felt the hot seat warm my bottom as I started the car – the radio blasting Stevie Nicks into my ears – i was hoping to get home before the traffic kicked in but I didn’t get very far.

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Yesterday will go down as a “Gotcha” day.  We were headed out for a picnic with some friends, as we only have 30 more days until we move to Boulder, so we are trying to see our tribe as much as possible.  In the car, within a split second, i fell out of the oneness and everything started to annoy me to a point of anger.  Rita was driving and i was feeling the annoyance mount as i said to myself “oh well i guess the honeymoon is finally over.”     Continue Reading →