Nights are my new days

Each night while i sleep there seems to be a part of my soul that wakes up, shaves and showers, gets dressed and ready for work; the night shift…a process of remembering and healing.  Last night my first interview was with the fear of not being good enough. There i was facing it’s illusions and my interpretation of them.  my lunar cycle had shifted and now my nights are my new days and my days have become as peaceful as sleep.   Continue Reading →

facing my dark side

The other night i had a restless night, while my mind was pondering the most bizarre and negative thoughts.  While i would like to think, by now, that i’m ready for anything this was quite startling.  Out of nowhere while in a deep level of sleep i’m awakened by my mind automatically dumping the most negative and brutal thoughts onto my consciousness.  i was facing my dark side like never before.   Continue Reading →