enjoying the fullness of my-self

Today i got to scratch something off my bucket list.  i finally got to Lodge Bakery and baked 6 loafs in their professional deck oven (well..kind of.) While i was expecting a lesson in operating the oven, i received something different; the experience of enjoying the fullness of my-self engaged in activity. 

While my new perspective prepares me for anything, i was certainly hoping to have two, long sought after, experiences from this wonderful opportunity to bake in a professional setting.  i wanted to experience the feeling of working with a deck oven and to see if my dough would come out of the oven looking like a “professional” loaf.  While my make shift dutch-oven produces good looking loafs, i wanted to put my dough to the test with a “real-deal” oven.

So i show up around 9am to discover that Alex, one of the owners and main baker, was waiting for me to finish his last bake of the day.  All of sudden he takes “my precious” and off he goes, getting the baskets lined up on the loader.  I just had time enough to score (making cuts) into the dough to control the rise, and then he says, “just chilled from here” as he sends my babies flying into the oven.

All I could do was watch in astonishment as my hopes and expectations crumbled like toast.  i literally watched my mind say “Oh well,” let’s watch them rise.  That became my new involvement, like a new dad watching his newborn through the glass, i watch the loafs rise, brown and darken to an exquisite caramelized color.  i was so happy, i felt so wonderful having completely forgotten what occurred moments before.

The loafs were all i could hope for, and we opened one and everyone enjoyed a taste with a glob of sweet butter.  i was in gluten heaven enjoying every moment.

Driving home I realized what had occurred, my happiness and fullness came from my “energy” (sense of true self) experiencing me doing life, which in this instant was watching wet dough become delicious bread.  i understood then how any action, when witnessed by the true self, can be absolutely marvelous and rich with the attributes of infinite fullness.

Thank you existence, for this wonderful lesson that my energy has a purpose even for my body and the fleeting world.

In gratitude and awe

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