bliss moving into life

One of the sweetest lessons that my energetic experience (as a whole) has taught me (so far) is that bliss is the expression of my true self, and that i can choose it whenever i please.  If i think about it, there it is, if i am busy with my grandson Ori, i feel it; my attention directs and activates my experience of bliss/love. When i listen to music, my true nature, uses the music as a happiness delivery system; delivering it to every cell in my body.  Today i experienced bliss moving into life.

i was driving home and asked Siri to play “Why Do You Love Me” from Adele’s new “25” album.  As always the music elicited a stream of bliss from head to toe as i sang and bounced my way home on Centinela Ave.

For some reason, i can’t be sure, possibly because i wrote about memory the other day, I remembered how music was so therapeutic for me.  i used music like a therapist to get me out of a mood or to elevate a mood i was already in.  Nevertheless, the result was the same.  Like the Italians like to say (translated of course) “when the music stops… the party is over.”

Now i can hardly remember those few moments after the song is over when one’s left with a “oh well, back to reality” taste in your mouth.

The bliss that emerges from the awakened self, never ends.  It rises and subsides with the attention of the awakened one, but it is never-ending.

To think that I had marginalized my earlier ecstasy experiences was childlike; when in reality it was just integrating, moving into and through this worldly vehicle i call a body.


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