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Video 1 - Introduction By Ed Fox

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About Your Coach

Ed Fox

I have been a coach for most of my life as I was lucky to find my life's work while I was still in college.  My passion is to help people learn to find and experience their true nature; which rests just beyond the mind's conscious thinking.  

Having discovered this source, myself, I teach what I know and show others how to find this unlimited reservoir of happiness, freedom, peace, joy, and confidence.  

All my coaching program are basically a roadmap which shows you to how to give yourself what your heart desires the most. 

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Life Changing

Working with Ed changed my life from a place of darkness to one of light.  I recommend him to anyone struggling to find a better way and make a connection with something real.

Jean Rothman



Ed is a meditation master.  He generously shares decades of learning and experience with endless patience and wisdom.  As a driven professional, I have struggled with meditation and how to integrate it into a busy life with two kids.  Ed's gentle, non-judgmental approach has help me do soI'm very grateful to have learned from him.

Mikaela Rivera



Ed is kind, calm, and caring!  A gentle counselor and meditation master, who will help you get centered and stay there!

Brian Zayle


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