this divine yearning, a divine love

Wherever i go, whatever i do, it reaches endlessly, accompanying all the thoughts in my mind; always right there.  This divine yearning, a divine love that permeates my entire being; overflowing into every thought and action.  It has been showing up slowly, on and off, and then on New Years Eve like a thrown switch it became my second nature.

Like the shattering of a glass ceiling, a mirror room reflecting on and on into infinity, there is no end to the expression of divine love.  It moves in fullness yet never seems satiated.  Is it a spiritual dichotomy or a transcendental phenomena like a beautiful song that you can never hear enough; God’s cosmic earworm?

In it’s wake it leaves peace, joy, and compassion as a natural by-product for discarding that which we never were.  i’m certain now that any of the senses with the help of a “crack of awakening” can invite in the divine to dance with our eyes, ears, smell, or touch.

For me it has been music.  Riding each note to deeper and deeper levels of surrender, letting go, and with each leap into the abyss i return transformed and resurrected (dare i use that word) into the light that has no name.

i can love everything in this world and not be trapped by its illusion; what a gift this is, what a prize after such a long journey, such freedom and joy that i only dreamed of.

i once had the fear that the deeper i went into this mystery the farther away the world would be.  Like most fears this was not true and i watched it vanish as the new year came round for the count.

Thank God our true reality is ever-expanding and never satiated for we are united with its universal nature.  The only word that comes to mind is… never-ending.

te amo tutti

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