Humbleness & the Ego

This subject has been a labor of love for me.  It wasn’t something that I realized immediately during my first awakening experiences but rather a result of the ever-continuing integration of consciousness that started back in 1973 and continues to this day.

There were times when I would lose all sense of my true self as if I was orbiting around the dark side of the moon; out of all communication with the beautiful and expansive self that I have come to love and rely on.  When I circled back and regained my sense of self I realized that this cycle of “in” and “out” was the integration of my essence with all of my thoughts, senses, emotions, and sensations.  

With every re-entry into the atmosphere of my expanded awareness came a deep humbling experience that I was blessed, awake, and vulnerable to the world that I was birthed into with all of my human strengths and frailties.  

My mind remained established in the transcendent while my body was subject to the laws of relativity.  I was everything and nothing.

Nothing could be more humbling than that.

I hope you enjoy the video.



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