a drop of rain returning to an ocean of divine love.

Inside the mind of this body are some beautiful thoughts trying to escape out onto this page. They are struggling desperately.  They want to describe a beautiful experience that i had a few days ago but can’t find the words or mental processes to enable a transmission.  It’s as if i lost all of my writing mojo.  i don’t feel at loss since my desire to put words to my experiences now seem inept and corruptive.  What happened you might ask?  All that i can say is that the bliss has developed into a pervasive peace which seemingly on its own accord has released me like a drop of rain returning to the ocean of divine love. 

If we were walking in the woods and you turned to ask me what happened i don’t believe that i would have a problem describing my exquisite encounter with divinity.  However sitting here in front on this computer, as i am now, abstractly writing to myself… Why bother?

Nestled into a deep prolonged sense of peace this mind and body began to reflect, with the help of some reading,  the beauty and mystery of everything around me and how i was filled with that same mystery, beauty, and goodness that embodies every atom of the universe.  i discovered that at the basis of this kind of mystery is Love.  Whether you call the great mystery God, True Reality or Transcendence the indescribable experience is that that intelligence creates with and through elements of Love.

i became keenly aware that Love is everywhere and in everything hidden behind the veil of our perceptions, and that God was in control.   Over the last few days i realized that i have been playing hide and seek with my creator.  Wanting to know him/her but still deciding to defend my fantasies of separation and beliefs.

i was at the computer the other day looking for some new work assignments when this wave of desire overcame me.  i surrendered completely and was astonished at what cried out of my mouth.  “My God please grace me with your presence for i am tired of hiding from you, come take me.”  my eyes filled with tears as an incredible energy raced through my body for some seconds and then left me in a ocean of divine love that can’t be described.  Chills run through my body as i write this now and realize that i am remembering who I really am and will always be; that I was never born nor will I ever die.

This new experience of divine love has summoned me to share more of what i have learned.  i am planning to share more through satsang in the near future.

There it is…there is nothing more to say.

You are loving, loved and lovable forever.


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