i thought…nothing is happening

It has been some time since my last post.  The answer to that is very simple and i laugh so hard as the words roll off my lips, i thought… that nothing was happening.  The powerful waves of bliss and energy subsided months ago and except for a subtle sense of deep peace, that has become indistinguishable from myself, i have settled back from differentiating any experience as “normal” or “awakening.”  

There we were yesterday speeding through Glenwood Canyon a two lane section of the I-70 etched out of the Rocky Mountains it feels like floating through the Grand Canyon at 65 mph along the Colorado river to our final destination the small mountain town of Carbondale.  Rita and i are off to meet our beloved friend Megan to spend a good part of the day catching up in between Aryuvedic energy sessions.

We arrived before Megan and just as Rita goes in for her session she hands me her cell phone and says “handle this!” It’s her daughter driving up to Avon, with her two wonderful kids.  She has texted that she gave Rita her only key to the condo asking how she is going to get in now since we locked the door behind us?

It was immediately clear to me that I had to get back in the car and drive an hour or so back to Avon to let the family in when i noticed that my mind was empty feeling perfectly okay with the situation.  In that moment there was no ahah’s, no disappointment, no resistance to the bashing of my beautiful plans, just an impulse to do what’s in front of me and feel the perfection of it all.  I’d be back in two hours and maybe get a little time in with Meghan.

I was shocked to feel “nothing” but perfection playing itself out when i witnessed myself reseting my priorities, at what seemed like the speed of light, as i began to look forward to tracking back through the steep cliffs of Glenwood Canyon on a new adventure that completely became my new focus without loss, effort, or discomfort.

As i gathered my things and prepared for my new adventure the text came in from Kaela that she had located an “old lost key” in her car.

Like returning, full circle, i witnessed once again no reaction, relief, nor discomfort as i watched the dream shift back to the former.

It has taken me awhile to unpack this full circle of “nothing” as if for the first time my mind was in a new relationship with my true self.  It’s mental prowess for creating strife was dethroned.  In the presence of my true nature my mind self-corrected to it’s rightful role; to support the full expression of my divine nature.

Thank you divine spirit for showing me this,

Blessings and Love

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