Life in Boulder Colorado –  NEW UPDATE

This winter has been easy on us.  We had a lot of snow early on but it’s slowed down and right now the trees are budding.  We can still get snow in April but is it less severe in this warmer month.  Now with the Corona Virus we are all staying in so whats the difference; everything is closed and it a great time to reflect inward and gestate into whatever new lifestyle is waiting for us in the months to come.

My Memoir –

The Book is still on hold until the release of the my new course mentioned just below. The book feels so far away and I’m please about it for it’s giving me a new perspective every time I come back to it after a long absence. Some how I just know that it will be perfect.

My New Course on Meditation and Self-Awareness –  NEW UPDATE

I was getting closer to releasing it and then the Corona Virus hit and everything got turned around.  So I decide to offer a free stand alone intro to the course so people can benefit immediately until I release the full online course.  The class is called “Meditate Easily & Effortlessly – Creating the Optimum Mindset to Connect to Your Inner Peace & Tranquility” 

Instagram –

I’m having a blast on Instagram posting and videoing on topics that I love.  My following is growing, and I’m meeting so many fantastic people and developing some wonderful relationships.   You can check me out at instagram@edfox947 


Last updated –  March 27th,  2020

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