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Meditation Can Help You Be Calm, Stay Grounded & Peaceful During These Uncertain Times

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From This Training You Can Expect The Following Benefits:
– Be More Patient
    – Your Resilience Has No End
          – Make Better Decisions 


Do any of these scenarios sound like you?
  • You are facing the possibility or you have lost your job and income? 
  • You are worried about the future, how will you survive or thrive?
  • You are being stretched by the stress and fatigue of countless responsibilities?
  • You are Losing sleep over how you will create security for your business and employees?
  • Your plans for the future have been put on hold and your living day to day?
  • Your thoughts are too distracting during meditation?
  • Your current meditation practice is not cutting it?
  • You stopped meditating altogether because you felt it wasn’t working?
If any or all of these sound like your situation…

Then right now you are at a junction point where making the decision to either learn a form of meditation or tune-up your current meditation is critical so that you are relaxed, settled, and prepared to take on these challenges.

Meditation has been proven to provide the mind and body with profound deep rest while strengthening your immune system.  The lifestyle changes that await you can be better addressed and handled when your mind, body, and emotions are strong and completely balanced. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a roadmap to guide you on how to create or refresh your practice so that your meditation creates the balance and inner strength that is required at this time.  

What if there was clear body of information that you could rely on as a way to not only get started, but to re-ignite and fulfill your wildest dreams of creating stability, security, and strength towards achieving your personal, work, and spiritual goals.

Wouldn’t it feel comforting to know that you are guided by someone who has taught thousands of people to meditate over the last fifty yeas and can point you in the direction that can lead you to getting your life and spiritual goals back on track?

How empowered would you be to have a strong foundation in the dynamics of how Meditation and Awareness techniques work even in the dynamic and changing landscape that you are facing.  

I’ve created a class-roadmap that will prepare you to meet these new challenges.  You will also need different tools to meet the new paradigm that awaits you.  With this unique class you will be able to respond to what is waiting for you around the corner while still continuing to grow and reach your spiritual goals. 

This Soon to Be Released Online Class is called “Meditate Easily & Effortlessly – Create the Optimum Mindset to Connect to Your Inner Peace & Strength” 

Here’s are a few of the tools you will learn in-depth:

  • A clear and complete, step by step, blueprint for improving or learning meditation.
  • The dynamics of awareness and thought and how to use it correctly.
  • Learn the signposts of successful meditation for each stage of development.
  • How to determine what’s happening in your meditation and why.
  • The 5 Powerful Insights which support success in meditation. 
  • How to steward your relationship with meditation and the world around you.
  • 3 subtle myths that sabotage your strength, determination, and peace in and outside of your meditation practice. 
  • The signposts that signify that you are embodying presence in your life.
  • Two very powerful approaches for sustaining presence in your busy day to day life.
  • A roadmap to higher states of consciousness.



Read What People are Saying about working with Ed

I want to thank you for all your help.  My decision to retire was probably the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make.  I don’t think I would have been able to step out into the unknown of retirement without your help.  You have an amazing gift of being able to help people with both the problem they face in their lives and the journey of finding out who we really are   Thank You Again.          – Carol Hughes

I just had to thank you for all your work.  I had a meeting with my former boss today over a complaint I filed against her.  And as you know I don’t have any warm and fuzzy feelings about her.  I was very anxious this morning, but I got up and meditated.  Then I meditated when I got to the parking lot and I was able to go to the meeting without any anger or any desire to punish her.  I really was able to see that we are the same.  I was able to feel my fear and be OK with it.   I know that there is no way I could have done any of that without your interaction and confidence in me.  So thank you so much for making such a difference in my life!          – Larie Shaw 

When I was stressed out to the max, Ed Fox helped me more than I can say.  I had stress at home with my teenage son, stress at work with non-stop deadlines — I was overwhelmed!  Ed’s coaching helped me learn how to deal with the stresses and feel calmer.   Now when I see stress coming I use the techniques he taught me to head it off right away.  I feel more peaceful now than I ever have in my life. Ed’s kindness and caring come through in his coaching. I would recommend Ed to anyone who wants to relieve their stress and live a more fulfilled, happy life.          – Jean Rothman

When i met Ed i had just lost my husband and was left with the challenges of a single parent of 3 young children. I also had financial challenges as well.  Ed was instrumental in my maintaining a spiritual perspective and believing in myself while managing my children’s grief and the stresses of single parenting.  He also helped me understand what i had control of and mostly what i didn’t. This has led to me letting go more and more of control based fear and long held useless beliefs.  I experience more peace in my life thanks to my choosing Ed as a teacher and guide.          – Lanex Brink

No one can ever give you anything they can only point the way. The path is yours to walk. Ed has pointed the way for me countless times always to a place of clarity. With his quiet and soulful demeanor he speaks the truth from his heart. I would never trade the time I have spent with Ed.     – Robin Mendoza

Ed is a meditation master. He generously shares decades of learning and experience with endless patience and wisdom. As driven professional, I have struggled with meditation and how to integrate it into a busy life with two kids. Ed’s gentle, non-judgmental approach has helped me do so. I’m very grateful to have learned from him.  
    – Mikaela Rivera

I have know, studied, traveled, eperienced, and benefited from Ed Fox and his teachings for more than 15 years. He was instrumental in creating a lasting community for many of us during the week ends he committed to in Ohio. Ed Is also credited with coaching my son so that he successfully passed his entrance exam into his doctoral program. With love and gratitude.   – Earlene McGonegal

Ed is kind, calm, and caring! A gentle counselor and meditation master, who will help you get centered and stay there! A great experience!   – Bryan Zayle


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