Ed Fox

Do any of these anxiety scenarios sound familiar?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed most of the time? 
  • Do you often feel restless and jittery?
  • Do you suffer from panic attacks?
  • Does your stomach feel like it’s in knots?
  • Are you having trouble adapting to change?
  • Does your mind race preventing you from completing what you need to do?
  • Are you experiencing a lack of sleep, fear, phobias, and anxiety?
Has your life been disrupted by a growing sense of Anxiety and Stress? 

Welcome, I’m happy that you found my site and are able to discover more about how Meditation and Mindfulness training can help you to reduce the anxiety and stress in your life.

My approach is one that utilizes the powerful dynamics of your mind and body. These practices are easy to learn and are time-tested. I know that finding the right coach and practices can be daunting.

I have been teaching Meditation and coaching for over 50 years and my training is not just about “technique” but personal and loving follow-through so that you can understand the profound dynamics which are so critical to creating a lasting and successful solution to the anxiety, stress, that robs you of your genuine happiness.

I offer a complete program that consist of learning how to meditate in order to let go of anxiety, tension, and stress. This is followed up with guidance on removing the blocks in your life that prevent you from reviving the happy and productive self that you are. I coach via phone or video under covid-19 restrictions, and in person once we return to our normal daily lives.

Areas of Expertise

There are simple techniques that will reduce your anxiety and bring calm into the essential areas of your Life

At Work
  • Finding your passion at work.
  • Creating & maintaining work/life balance.
  • Handling work deadlines and pressures.
  • Dealing with unhealthy co-workers.
  • Managing the pressures of leadership.
  • Balancing your entrepreneurial demands.
  • How to be more present for your family.
  • Balance your self-care with what they need.
  • Grounding your love into parenting.
  • Creating time & energy for romance.

  • Finding your life’s purpose.
  • Discovering your authentic self.
  • Finding that something special that you know. exist in the world but haven’t been able to find it so far.
  • Obtaining the spiritual goals that you always dreamed of.

Working With Me

The journey of reducing and limiting your anxiety and stress is a three step process that creates a strength and invincibility to the stresses of the world.  My coaching programs first and foremost create a safe environment for you to discover how you can overcome your Anxiety while also training you to be more powerful over the stressful events in your life.

Working with me you will learn the following three stress-reducing-protocols:

  • The first phase of my coaching program is where you learn deep relaxation and immediately give yourself some relief from the tensions in your life.
  • In the third phase of your program you will discover not only why your life morphed into high levels of stress but you will learn Mindfulness practices in a safe, caring, and supportive coaching environment.  These practices will not only reduce anxiety but reveal “your best self.”

Any one of these phases is powerful, in and of itself, but together they are invincible.  This 360 degree approach creates a lasting foundation for the happiness, confidence, and freedom that is the result of reducing and eliminating the anxiety in your life.

My Mission

My life mission is to help those who are struggling to overcome the overwhelming anxiety and stress that prevents anyone from experiencing the joy and happiness that you know, deep inside, you deserve. I am dedicated to sharing the mindset, techniques, and skills that I have learn from my fifty years of experience, and helping thousands to learn these necessary skills.

I am offering you a free 30 minute consultation session in order to give you an experience of me, my work, and the possibility that awaits you.

Certified Meditation Teacher – Maharishi Foundation USA 1972
Certified Life and Business Coach – Ignite Strategic Coaching, Galway Ireland 2004

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