My Story

Being raised in the Bronx, New York was quite a challenge for my sensitive nature.  I was raised in a severely dysfunctional family.  My childhood was riddled with anxiety, trauma, insecurity, and a lack of faith in myself. I’m sure at some point, in my development, I decided that it would be safer to stay withdrawn and as a result I spent a great deal of time searching within, to find some security, peace, and direction in life.  If you have ever had to make similar life altering decisions, then we share this challenging desire to turn things right and I can show you how I did it.

In my senior year of college I started Transcendental Meditation and my search for peace was over.  I was lucky to have found something that filled my being with such grace, calm, and peace so I decided in that moment that helping people was my true calling.   Most people don’t get such an opportunity, at such a young age, and so I feel very fortunate and dedicated myself to paying-it-forward.

Some years later, at the age of 26, after teaching a TM Meditation course in Las Cruces, New Mexico, suddenly my mind became very clear and I awoke to my own true nature.  It was then that I realized that the goal of my journey was not only to teach meditation but to help people overcome their anxiety, stress, and emotional challenges so that they could approach their lives from a different point of view.  

In order to do this I also trained to become an awareness coach so that I could help those, who couldn’t immediately find a way to overcome their anxiety, stress,  traumas, emotions, and limiting belief systems. 

My life mission is to help those who are struggling to overcome the power and devastating grip that anxiety and stress can hold on one’s life. It is so powerful that it can prevent anyone from experiencing the joy and happiness that we all deserve. I am dedicated to sharing the mindset, techniques, and skills that freed me from my dysfunctional-anxiety-ridden past.   

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