Returning to Self – The Power of Surrender

Back in 2016 I went through some very rough financial and emotional times.  I was the controller for a SBLIC financial start-up and the position represented, in my mind, the successful culmination of returning to accounting work.   When the company went under due to a mis-guided CEO I was crushed.  

I began to invest some saving in the financial markets in hopes to find a new means for income but after a few months I was worse off after losing a great deal of my savings.  I was devastated and completely out of opportunities and alternatives to hang my identity on to.

In a desperate state I just cried out to the universe “I give up.”  My mind could no longer think it’s way out of my despair.  All I could do was just lay in bed, curled up in the fetal position, empty of all reason, hope and desire to figure anything out.

A few days later, I awoke one morning and sensed that something was very different within me.  A light was shinning and I was no longer who I thought I was.

For me the process of surrender creates the opening for our true self to come shinning through and that is the subject of this video post

I hope you enjoy the video.


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