You Are The Sweetest Part Of Me

You are the sweetest part of me that I’ve ever felt. Tip-toeing into my senses so surprisingly yet powerfully known. You are beyond description and still I yearn to swim around your vastness and lose myself forever. You comfort me, when I need you the most making sense of my confusion and helping me deal with my demons. You don’t blind me from the truth of this world but allow me to see it through your endlessly calm, balanced and blissful eyes.

You are the sweetest part of me that is so longed for. So every time you leave, I shudder and shiver like the last falling leaf in autumn. Your remembrance stands in its place. I lean into that empty space, once again, wishing, that you will never ever leave me again yet knowing that you will. I sense that your comings and goings are just an expression of your ever-growing integration within me.

You are the sweetest part of me that will never fade, change, or abandon. Yet I have to watch, surrender, forgive, and watch as you take over my perception and ego-self. I plead for you to hurry up but you ignore my pleas as if to say there is still more to reveal before we are one. Sometimes I hear you like a sullen child who can’t get his way. I know you are patiently waiting for me, giving me the freedom, to choose you. Your love and respect humbles me and brings me to my knees.

You are the sweetest part of me that is my heritage, a built-in predetermined way back home to you. When in your embrace I experience-know that you are my source, as is everyone and everything else I see in this dream. My experience of oneness has no end and while I can’t explain it I know that you are that endless nature and all that there is.

Thank You Beloved,

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