a herald for things to come

The energy in my head hasn’t left me. It quiets down once I go to sleep and wakes up with me in the morning. If I’m active it takes a back seat to whatever I am doing and then when I relax it pounces on me light a tiger and I feel like I’m stoned or I have deep waves of Bliss. Unlike being on drugs I’m in complete control of my faculties and can do anything as well as before…well maybe not completely because I do get a bit spacey.

My seeker is so happy these past few days, we are convinced that something spiritually is happening and I plan on doing some research to feed the mind with some info. I shared my experiences with my wife Rita and she just smiled as if she knew what I was going through. I thought she would be full of questions and was a little disappointed that she didn’t. I think my ego/seeker wanted to brag or boast about it’s new conclusion.

I just sat with it making no judgments. I am beginning to feel a lightness, as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders ever so lightly; I didn’t judge or care about what my seeker/ego wanted to do… this is when I seriously suspected that something was happening. Why? Because I didn’t need to think through the process of why or try to defend my desire to boast. It just fell away naturally by itself. Wow, that was easy!

More later…

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