belief and earnestness

Throughout my early spiritual practice the thought of earnestness never crossed my mind. i only thought of the transcendental consciousness that my teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi led me towards.  Only after my awakening began, many years later, did i realize the power of belief and earnestness. It is one of the most important messages in my satsang.  So it should be no surprise that when i hear of someone taking earnestness “on” it fills my heart with joy, love, and purpose.  

There is a simple yet powerful force that comes with the humble, honest, and compassionate expression of desiring to awaken to one’s true nature.

Throughout his book “I AM THAT”  Maharaj Nisargadatta describes, just how important this point is.  He claims that his earnest desire and belief in his teacher was the key ingredient to his becoming realized in a short three years time.

His book prepared me for the realization that earnestness is a point of view which prepares us to surrender to how we un-enlighten ourselves; as if to take ourselves out of the equation allowing our true nature to dawn upon our conscious thinking minds.

I was talking with a friend who has studied with me for many years and she acknowledged that she had an awakening experience some months ago.  I was so happy for her for the obvious reasons but what she said next blew my heart wide open.

“Do remember a few months ago when you said to the group that we didn’t have to do anything to earn our awakening.”  i smiled and said yes i remember.  “Well I believed you and decided to go for it and shortly after that my awakening experience came to me.”

I was speechless as i remembered reading those very words in “I AM THAT” and it was in that moment that i knew that my prayers had been heard, that my desire and choice to be a reflection for others, was my path.

i will never forget that day as long as i live.

Thank you Rachael.

Te Amo

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