dreaming with the witness

It seems as soon as i get used to an energetic routine, something changes.  Last night as i was getting into bed there was a build up of energy in my entire body.  Usually it calms down at night and i look forward to this period of minimum activity.  Another change, another opportunity to surrender and with it another learning and integration.  As i cuddled up to Rita i scanned my body and knew that there was no way i was going to fall asleep quickly. i heard myself think maybe  “i’ll be dreaming with the witness tonight.”

Within the first 15 minutes i finally just surrendered to the thought of another restless night,  and immediately i entered into a timeless sensibility.  My body dropped away and i was alone with my thoughts for what seemed like an eternity of seconds.

Then a story appeared in my mind, i was with a group of people and in an adjoining rooming there were people.  i could hear them arguing and a fight broke out.   My attention went to the person who was being slapped and my heart opened to him.  In that moment i became aware that i was awake experiencing my dream as if i was telling myself a story.  i wondered “who” was the “i” that was telling me the story.  It wasn’t me who was telling the story it was my mind.   The “me” that was aware of the story was the witness.  That endless self that is my true nature.

i don’t remember when the witness left but i woke up some time later with a smile on my face.  All and all it seemed like a busy night, lot’s of activity, in contrast to the void of nothingness of regular sleep.  My memory wanted to remind me that i should be tired because i didn’t sleep much, but i choose to put that memory in the trash and continue on to a new day.


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