drunk with bliss

Like the ocean there seems to be a cosmic tide inside of me, flowing in waves, back and forth, vibrating everywhere, complete in every way.  It has been this ways for days now, drunk with bliss, my ability to be present seems to be dependent on the importance that each activity has to the overall well being of what i need the most: take care of my body, love Rita, and make some money.  

Moving inside of me is a flowing energy with a life of its own, like a eagle on a thermal, gliding-turning-rising and falling with the invisible warm currents directing and supporting it’s flight.

i take turns being the eagle or staying in the body depending on what i am doing.  At work my attention on numbers keep me grounded but in the few minutes it takes to get a drink of water i could be off climbing a cumulus high above the Flat Irons.

My ability to maintain higher altitudes is strengthening and my fear that work might tether my journeys has diminished.  When i was first learning to fly the lift offs were short and far between but now they seem long and constant and in my drunk state of awareness i have an unspoken confidence that i will be able to be present in both scenarios simultaneously.

Unlike the caterpillar to butterfly transformation i remember who i was as my tissues transform into wings and my true self wakes up, so i am keenly aware that i live in two world, for now.

The 15th of this month will mark one year since the beginning of my awakening and i still feel like a baby wrapped in the secure, soft, and warm blanket of gratitude and love for God, my life and my gurudev Maharishi.



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