shifts in the energy

All last week i had the experience that the level of energy in my head has drastically reduced.  In the past i would say that and then wham, it would pounce, but that hasn’t happen in over two weeks.  i sensed that there has been shifts in the energy, because a new experience has taken its place. 
While I have mastered how to handle the pouncing, if it should return, i really won’t miss being sent to bed.  i can’t say the same for the intoxicating feeling that accompanied this energetic mass in the center of my head.  Now in it’s place are tickling electrical-like-sensations flittering around my skull creating the desire to vigorously scratch my scalp.

I have no idea whether i am spot on or totally out to lunch on my hunches as to what these shifts mean or what is happening.  my mind will continue on, even though i don’t pay attention, as i will continue to listen, and follow my inner directions.

This morning i asked my advisor whether i am doing too much inquiry work, which i do whenever i remember i’m not.  The answer was “yes.”  While the energy had taken the day off, i didn’t know what to think.

I decided to listen up and take the day off. I was also going with my daughter Jenny and her man Chris to the Bacon Festival near downtown LA.  Needless to say, I ate a great deal of bacon, and i drank some beer. The old me would have characterize that as “falling off the wagon” but the new me knows without a doubt that when it’s your time, some pork and beer can’t stop my True Nature from waking up.

On my way home in the car, the energy joined me in a sweet subtle way and now as i write this post i need to stop often to scratch my scalp.  i learned something very valuable today.

I learned to trust my inner guidance in each moment, independently, and have the confidence that I am guided by a force greater than myself.



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