i still have a mind that’s working

For the last few months it seems as if there hasn’t been any new blips on my radar screen of perception.  i have had the normal occasional head energetic openings and i have accepted it not wishing for more or judging my progress.  Then this weekend i went to LA to celebrate my daughter’s wedding and everything blew wide open.  Quite suprisingly i discovered that i still have a mind that’s working only now it supporting my awakening process.  

i was meditating one morning with my dear friend and host for the weekend Doug.  All of a sudden i felt a click and then a great ease came over me.  i synced into the deep silence of my being and when i came out of meditation a great deal of energy was flowing within me and i thought “great.” I’m used to not making a big deal about energy flows and continued on with the day.  The only difference was that this day was not going to be like any other day in the past.

my new focus is on my daily activities trusting that my true self knows its way better than me and because of this i no longer look for a reflection of my awakening on the “outside.” However that day i couldn’t help but notice that i was falling in love with everything and everyone i met while inside my head was this comic swirl of energies that balanced my inner experience with the outer.

This experience stayed with me the entire day and was there waiting for me when i awoke the next day through Monday.  On the flight home to Boulder on Monday tears of gratitude filled my eyes as i realized that my spiritual dreams are unfolding before my eyes.

Then a thought dropped into my head that said “your experience of bliss is only about you, now you can see the love that exist beyond you.  Reach for that, allow yourself to go from the ME to the WE.”

Tuesday the experience changed and deepened.  While the swirling energy remained most of the day there was a element of thinking that was attached to it.  It was as if my mind by focusing it’s attention could wake up the energy in my head or the unconditional love in my heart.

If i thought about the energy, it increased, and if i though about love that too increased.  If i remained silent then there was nothing but absolute ineffable peace.

I was amazed and surprised to find how my conscious mind has become a harbinger for reality to express itself through my mind and body.  It then dawn on me that even my conscious thinking mind is a part of the great reality of life.

Te Amo

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