expressions from the infinite

While i have surrendered to my minds desire to draw logical conclusions about the effect of inquiry on the energy’s movement within my body, i observe this relationship as objectively as i can.  While i would like to think that there is a correlation,  i’m not convinced based on everything i’ve read.  Last night after some inquiry i experienced kundalini that, to this date, is unparalleled.  It felt like a wave of expressions from the infinite coming forth from every neuron in my head; transforming and birthing a new authority, a new paradigm, and a new identity as the source of everything that i will ever need to know.  

It had been a busy day with the usual morning duties followed by an afternoon with Ava and Ori.  We leave for Boulder in a few days so we wanted to load up on some “kid time.”  By the time we got home both Rita and i collapsed on the couch, stuffed our faces, and turned on the TV.

It had been that kind of day when the energy stayed mostly in the background.  As usual, after a few minutes into the show,  i get bored; meaning that i’m just not into it.  That’s when my mind started in.  i heard it say “it was a quiet day because you didn’t do any inquiry.”  Hmmm how i love a challenge, i had nothing better to do so i began my first inquiry of “am i really my body?” followed by my new favorite “i am not in this room, this room is in Me!”  i did that for a few minutes then returned my attention to the TV.

In a matter of minutes my entire head began to tingle, as it intensified the sides of my head felt like i was plugged into the wall outlet but in a most ecstatic way.  i groaned as i felt a knowing that my mind tried to put into words – “This is the infinite moving through you preparing your body for what’s to come.”

In two or three minutes after reaching it’s climax, it was gone.  i sat there for about 30 minutes feeling and sensing what had happened knowing that i had received a download of information that needed to be unpacked and integrated some time later.

Then i got up went into the kitchen did the dishes and cleaned up for the night.

More on this, next post

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