kundalini & my body

Last week was a busy week for my body, as it seems to be on its own separate journey as “my guys” slowly surrender control.   While I have experienced kundalini in the past what started last week was totally new. 

Moving from my feet to my head in a somewhat circumvented way it started to create Kriyas. Kriyas are when the body moves automatically in either spontaneous yoga postures or a jerking motion that moves through the entire body. In my case it was the latter and would appear from the outside like a gigantic hiccup. It is usually accompanied with a few spontaneous deep breaths and can make one feel very conspicuous.

While I really don’t want to explain these experiences to acquaintances I have been very fortunate that no one has asked. Ha, I’m always ready to try my Hiccup response but nobody has asked so far, even good friends, and they have had plenty of opportunity; at birthday parties and dinner dates.

My observing has now gone into a multi-tasking mode, as I jump from the awareness of who I am to my body.

The other day I became aware of a childhood memory when at a very young age my parents were very upset with me because I had wet the bed. The fear and anxiety that I revisited was enormous. While I was observing my calm un-attached mind, I suddenly noticed that my body was struggling with its cellular memory that was beginning to release.

Before the 15th I would never have felt my body’s process so clearly, with my mind screaming, and defending.  Now I was able to place my hand on my solar plexus and move my awareness to that region allowing a release.

I discovered my body, after all these years and work, like I never have before.

I realized that the body has a “mind” of its own. Now I have access to a level of the bodily process that I never knew existed.

As my grandmother Clare used to say “Who Knew?”


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