merging with my sensory experience

Last night i was sitting watching television when all of sudden i sensed that i was merging with my sensory experience of the television show.  It happened so quickly and spontaneously that it was over in matter of seconds and i was left with a gestalt that took me about 24 hours to unpack; i was the tv and television show.  

While i have heard others describe this experience, mine seemed uniquely different, and it wasn’t until the next day that i realized it was the same experience except that for me it was like “seeing” it in slow motion.

In my experience i didn’t just realize “I am that” because before becoming that, i had this sense of a process taking place; as i felt a pull and projection of an ineffable part of myself into my sensory perception of the tv show.

It was like one moment i’m watching television which is outself myself only to find in the following moment i’m integrating with the tv experience.  Then in a split second the experience of the tv has changed, it has become full and unbounded like myself!

While my senses registered that this was an experience quite different from any i’ve had before it seemed, at the time, as normal as my nightly routine of sneaking into the fridge and eating a reeses peanut butter cup.  That is until i took some time to digest what happened.

A new milestone… Wow.  I haven’t used that description in quite awhile.
But there it is as plain as day.  my inner experiences are expanding outside of my physical body.  i have earnestly invited my true-self to come forward, beyond my physical boundaries, and it has answered me as i know it will answer anyone who calls in earnest.

i have discovered on a visceral level that i am not merging with the infinite.  For “I Am” the infinite.  Rather it is just the opposite,  “I” the infinite is merging with the finite.

grazie il Dio

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