it really is a mindbody awakening

Her voice, so smooth and gentle, suggesting that i find my own point where I could manage the stretch with relaxation, inviting my body to extend beyond it comforts and remain in a pose for what felt like a lifetime.  It dawned on me later that this was a complement to my inquiry work.  With my soles touching, knees bent, my arched backed push my heart open and out.  I surrendered into the muscles, sinews and pulled facia when out of nowhere an energy began to stir deep within my pelvis and i was startled to realize how my mindbody coordination had just taken a quantum leap rocketing out the atmosphere of my reason.  

The energy moved like a swirling solar system within my lower body and i sensed another surrender coming around the corner.  Could it be true?  After decades of believing that the mind was king, that my body could actually lead my attention into deeper experiences of awakening?  Another foundational pillar fell in the silent forrest of my mind as i entertained for the first time that my body had the ability to illicit and lead my attention as equals to a continued awakening that started over a year ago.

It all started a few weeks ago when Rita dragged me to a Yin Yoga class.  Once there with a surrendered mind my body was very open to new poses especially when held for some minutes allowing every cell in my body to speak to me.

This new body-mind communication was amazing and deep inside i heard my inner voice say this is your next new expression.  This was only my fourth class but now i knew without a doubt that my body had a vital voice in my mindbody dialogue.

This probably isn’t news for most people and i’m okay with showing up late to the party.  As always, i’m just grateful to be here and share.

Blessings & Love

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