my awakening anniversary in Teotichuacan

Rita and i just returned from Mexico a few days ago.  It was just over a year ago when i had my first awakening experience there in 2015.  Returning again in 2016 i felt as if there was something waiting for me there but i’ve learned that it’s better to surrender than to have an expectation.  Nevertheless i wondered would it be explosive as before or would my awakening anniversary in Teotichuacan be, once again, a big surprise?  

i love surprises and of course i wasn’t disappointed.   Over the last four months as if by some divine guidance i was able to let go of the need to have any explosive experiences to confirm to me that i was on track, okay, or progressing nicely.  Instead i had begun to settle into the deep energetic movements in my head as all the confirmation i needed that i was in communication with the architect behind the design of my true self’s awakening.

my guides came forward on the morning of our first day out in the pyramids; “observe and love…unconditionally.  Don’t be the intellect that you think you must represent, let Rita do that.  Just support her with the eternal love of the father.”

What a relief it was to just be myself, no longer needing to stimulate the minds and intellects; just being the ever bubbling source of love and compassion.  That was really the only thing i have ever wanted to do but without the awareness of my witness before, i had no choice but to follow the dictates of my mind.  Thank God, that is no longer the case.

As the days went on in that rarified Teo air of transformation i never deviated or was tempted to go off course.  Once in this groove, finally, as if  in my “dharma” so to speak, my awareness began to deepened in a way that i least expected.

A new language of communication began to emerge between my conscious thinking mind, and my divine self.  The intoxicating sensations that seemed to always be present were communicating with me and i began speaking back, not fluently, more like a beginner in a foreign language.

Truth be told i don’t know, yet, what i am specifically saying in this new “language.”  You could say that it’s the language of love but that’s incomplete.  Words once again fail here but just imagine that while love is the message the timing, situation and circumstance make up the syntax.

Whenever i recognize that familar energetic i now pay close attention to  the situation at hand as if i’m being given a clue from the divine as to how to interpret my sense of self in that very moment;  a communication from my divine self to encourage me and imbue my life with the divine forces that are always supporting me in every moment.

Like a young child, learning his first language, i search the extent of my vocabulary and do my best to respond.  Then an expanded sense of the witness seems to overcome me, responding like a loving parent with a warm smile and encouragement to continue.

As if any of us have a choice but to continue to show up again and again to  learn that our divinity is just a glance away, from the seeming impossibility that our mind would have us believe.

Yet, a loving glance or nod of approval can make a world of difference when one stands, again, seemingly alone and vulnerable.

My first anniversary was joyous, as i babble my way into awakening.

Grazie il Dio

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