my inner companion & music

It’s nearly a month now and the energy remains the predominant experience in my day.  I have come to accept it like expecting the Sun to rise every morning.  My inner companion spoke to me about this and thusly I am getting prepare for another transition. I was seriously concerned that I was getting addicted to the energy.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to be able to dial in to bliss on-demand.   When I voiced my concerns I was told that I had waited for many lifetimes to feel this ecstatic state and that I should trust that when I had fulfilled that desire it will be done.  Whew that was a load off my mind.

I was told that something else would come to replace it, something that was a closer expression of my true nature, something that can never be born or never die. WOW you had me at “never.”  Can’t wait.

So my days usually consist of sending out resumes, inquiry work, meditation and listening to my music.  Music has become a spiritual practice for me since my opening.  I now feel the music move through every cell of my body vibrating and harmonizing the energies in my head. Funny as this may sound, but my dancing has become more fluid and pleasurable as the energy flows more freely within my body.

It all started with the Gayatri Mantra and Dueter’s incredible compositions and now has extended to all music.  I especially love to listen to Adele’s new 25 Album while doing the dishes at night.  Rita just laughs and wonders what happened to her husband as I spin and dance around the kitchen in a new found revelry that defies explanation.  lol  For me, no matter how “tired” I feel it’s either get up and move or sit in lethargy.

It’s a no brainer.

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