so this is awakening?

I’ve been so very tired these last few days, possibly because of the kundalini or lack of sleep or both, who knows. The thing is that although my body “feels” exhausted it’s really an “emptiness” that I am feeling. 

If I was to force myself up and go for a walk (as I experimented) all of a sudden the emptiness and exhaustion is gone and there is spring in my step and if I listen to music I am really hopping. So Strange? I think that the energy needs to be used and integrated and if it is not expressed it becomes lethargic. Just a thought, I really don’t know. No one knows, not Adyashanti or anyone.   The process of awakening is an individual process that doesn’t follow the cookie cutter samadhi descriptions that most guru’s or scripture seem to imply.

Adyashanti teaches that everyone finds his or her own way to Awakening and through its integration.  The goal is the same but no two journeys are alike.  Getting there is certainly a journey.  Most Teachers only go that far… but integrating your experiences is no joke.  You need to be earnest, humble, surrendered and willing to face more of the unknown.

Thinking back, if Maharishi would have told me this back in February of 1969 I probably would have passed on TM, luckily for me he didn’t, but here I am just the same.

That’s why I reached out to Michael Damian, an awakened young man for coaching.  When he told me Adya had help him I was relieved.   Just hearing his words and similar experiences was so soothing.

Awakening is SO different than I had imagined.

It’s days like this when I remember that I asked for this, not really knowing what I was in for, but resolved in my determination to know myself.


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