the origin of unconditional love is within me

The origin of unconditional love is within, waiting to express itself with and through me.  That is what i am feeling in this very moment as i feel the power of my perfect oneness piercing through the illusion of maya, allowing me to feel connected to all things.  This experience transcends all the limitations and descriptions that i have accumulated in my life; freeing me to define myself in anyway that i see fit. 

I had a busy day today studying for my tax exams and then watching the grandkids in the evening.  Add a few margarita’s to that and one might agree that there’s not too much room for more, but surprise, the unboundedness of my true nature is not in the realm of my physicality and is not bound within it’s limitations and definitions.

Just a few moments ago, before running to the computer to get this written down, i laid on the couch half drunk and tired from an exhausting day of work and pleasure.

Then like a speeding car crash from a scene in the movie “live free or die,” the unbounded true self of ed fox shows up; busting through the alcohol and fatigue to pronounce “here i am, you can’t hide me or pretend that i am not the most pervasive part of your true identity.”

It’s like being five years old again, away all day at childcare, waiting for when you finally see “mommy” at the end of the day…times infinity.   This true self never sleeps and never disappoints as it stands up to every, once unstoppable, disappointment that one has known throughout life.

In an earlier post, i mentioned how i felt this unstoppable unconditional force of love and connection but now it seems to have a more personal identity.  It feels like a personality that is like mother… but much more.

It’s the unconditional love of the creator, the force and intelligence of the creative director of life.   He or she is talking to me and assuring me that my true nature is an experience way beyond the measure of this world.

i fall to me knees in gratitude and bliss as I AM revealed to myself.

i love you all

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