witnessing sleep

Last night I had a watershed awakening experience that will vanquish any remaining question I may have regarding the power of existence to do what I cannot – open my conscious awareness to my true self. 

What I have discovered it that my “true self” is an all pervasive oneness.  It was never born and it cannot die.  Due to its formless nature it just “is” everywhere and in everything.  Effortlessly Everything.

Every action I have taken over the years has been a mental effort to experience the effortless of pure being.  Even my meditation!

How can effort bring me to the effortless – it can’t.

But the effortless can come to me when I surrender all effort and that is exactly what happened last night.

While I was sleeping last night pure awareness came into my sleep and boom I was awake and asleep at the same time. Even in deep sleep I was awake, aware of nothing but awareness.

As a result of the vedantic training that I received, through the grace of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, I knew what this experience documented.  It was the “litmus test” that my awakening was now in the control of a higher power and all I needed to do is continue to surrender to what “is.”

In the moment of that realization I became one happy camper.  One step closer to my goal.  For so many years I felt like my meditation and Toltec efforts were failing me (That was my feeling whether it was true or not;) I felt like I was miles from the raging river of spiritual evolution.

No pun intended, but that is all water under the bridge now 🙂


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