Words and Presence

One of the first few mammoth discoveries that immediately became apparent following my first awakening experience was the profound difference between “speaking the truth” and experiencing it.  Before the lights went on they were one and the same.  Afterwards they couldn’t be more apart.

The role of words is to describe.  Nevertheless the experience and nature of True-Self is so unfathomable that any attempt to describe the Presence of who we are falls short.  In this gap the mind’s needs to know prevails and confuses the description with the truth.  

This happens to everyone who seeks to either “know thyself” or find lasting happiness.  Unfortunately, as I have learned, if we believe our minds description of our eternal nature, we end up taking such small crumbs off the table of life.  

In this video I am asking people to step away from the sole reliance of the words that we use and include a practice of presence that will give a “experience” to our words that complements our existence, our beautiful experience of human life.  In this way lasting happiness or Awakening, is not only possible but an eventuality. 

I hope you enjoy this video.

Blessings, Ed


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