You Are A Creator

In the last few years I have become increasing aware of experiencing how the “True Self” naturally and unconsciously empowers one’s thoughts, desires, and intentions.  

When our mind dwells on doubt, fear, and worry our body reacts with sensations and emotions that degrade our physiology.  Once our body is suffering the mind starts to worry and there-in creating an endless loop of dysfunction in both the mind and body.
This is a pattern that we all find ourselves in and while it seems overwhelming we do and can free ourselves from this learned entrapment. 

As I continue to integrate the attributes of my inner experiences into my thinking and physiology I am amazed how my thoughts become so clear and profound.  A beautiful example of this occurred one day while I was driving home from the store.

It was a normal day and I became acutely aware of my energy state.  I felt within and noticed that I was subdued and inward with a sense of withholding and caution without any corresponding thoughts that might give me a heads-up on why.  

Out of no-where from deep within my conscious my mind declared “I Am A Creator” and in a split second my awareness took a quantum leap like the star ship enterprise entering warp speed; I was invigorated with a creative and forceful energy/vibration that lasted all day.  There was no doubt in my mind where that boost came from.

I hope you enjoy this video.



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