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It’s been over 7 months since my last post and any formal teaching.  I couldn’t have imagined that my hives could get any worse but they did and I had to let go of all my plans and everything to surrender even deeper to reach a point which enabled me to overcome the challenges ahead of me.

When allopathic medicine failed to help I went on a search for natural and functional medicine doctors with mixed results.  Help finally found me through a long time friend Mee Tracy McCormick, a renowned author, microbiome chief and owner of the Pinewood Kitchen and Mercantile.

“Listen Ed Fox, my dear homie you are histamine intolerant!!!” was the first words she shared with me following a few questions.  “What’s that” I replied with excitement that there was possibly something that the doctors, so far, had overlooked.  I was excited to feel this fresh idea and possible solution to my last three years of struggle, pain, frustration and doubt that there might be a reachable solution at all.

I was in Santa Fe when I bumped into Mee at a friends ranch where I was staying for the week while I went to see yet another “incredible healer” to fix me.  “Ed Fox – You have to eliminate all histamine foods from your diet.”  Whenever Mee had something important to say to me she always starts her sentence with “Ed Fox,”  that’s how I know it’s important.   Images ran through my head of another “diet” but histamines?  “Ed Fox – you have to look up on google every food you want to eat to make sure it is histamine free”  “OMG am I ready for this” my imagination ran wild but comparing it with the alternative, (if she was correct), was not an option.

Mee was correct!  After thirty-two day on the diet and twenty days on a probiotic (one with no cultures that contain histamines) my life has drastically changed.  In that time I have had only four attacks and two of them was because I cheated and the other two was emotional based.  Finally I had the comfort of managing my hives and understanding the relationship with food and emotions (more on that in future posts.)

I don’t know how else to say it so I’ll just cop out and say it “the proof is in the pudding” here I am blogging again and planning some new classes.

Thank you homie – I love you Mee – good luck with your new book on amazon.  Rita my darling wife, there is no way I can thank you enough for supporting and enduring me and this alien body.

Thank you creator for this divine plan that you put in place that ensures that we all find ourselves and our way back to you; no matter how long it may take.


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