when two or more of you gather in my name…

We sat at a quiet table next to the window there were hardly anyone in the small Japanese restaurant and i was glad because it had been almost a year since i last saw Steve and there was so much to say and convey. As always when we get together the energy starts vibrating but this time something was quite different. Within minutes i felt this wonderful feeling of bliss and being home i was an integral piece of a magnificent presence that was everywhere and everything. It struck me in an unforgettable and unimaginable way as i thought of one of my favorite passages from the bible – when two or more of you gather in my name…

It didn’t take long before we were sharing our experiences, perceptions and realizations when i noticed something very different from any of our previous visits; we were communicating through three very distinct and different channels.

At first i heard his words describing how he moved through a beautiful state of consciousness and then i observed as his eyes described how his heart had burst open overflowing with Love; and as if that was not enough i felt his presence as my own, as God’s and we were all one. We just sat there looking at one another crying, my tears falling onto the plate. We ate our meal silently for a few minutes as the tears drained away and then we started all over again.

The Course in Miracles describes “The Holy Relationship” as a state of being where two people see each other completely free, faultless without any limiting beliefs that they are less than their true nature. That describes my experience with Steve that afternoon. We returned to his office hugging and holding hands like two innocent school children.

Blessing and Love,

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