being present in all things

Six months ago when this awakening process began my biggest challenge was accepting the presence of a evolutionary energy that was out of my control.   Quite honestly there were times when i didn’t think i would get through it but i did.  As the dust settles from that lesson there is a presence that i recognize; a sense that i am being present in all things whether it be within my self, the home, relationships, or work.

i experience this presence as a litmus test for how successfully i stay open to my true self while i empower the conscious mind with the job of “front man” to take on the responsiblities for dealing with the world.  It seems like a fair trade off however it is easier said than done.

One cannot directly practice being present yet a earnest yearning and openiess does help to encourage it in.  In my bi-monthly tele-classes i have re-directed my desire to “teach” any teachings, doctrine, or dogma.  Instead i now just share my experiences and encourage the group to open themselves up to their own experience of inviting their true self’s to show up.

As we settle into our new residence here in Boulder, i begin to prepare to create more “sharing/satsang” experiences here in boulder as well as begin to build my accounting and tax practice.  The challenge will come as i explore the many expressions of being present in the work place with the new people that show up.

i am excited with a strange sense of anticipation. i’m excited because i haven’t a clue how and why the clients will come and yet i’m ready to do this “work” thing in a whole new and paradigm-shifting way.

i am trusting my litmus paper to direct me as i further my integration process into the the art of making money and abundance on all levels.


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