breath and silence

During the last few months i have had a suspicion that there was something out of place or missing in my clearing process.  i couldn’t put a finger on it until it was pointed out to me by my inner advisor a few days ago.  A subtle reluctance on the part of my body to losing it’s control to the emerging vast nature of my true self.  i would never would have suspected it at first glance.   It was suggested that i add a combination of breath and silence to my daily practice.

i have paid so much attention to my mind that it never dawned on me that my body could be harbouring fears and beliefs that might be holding me back from more expansive experiences.  As i examined my early kundalini experiences i sensed a subtle withhold just slightly but i guess just enough.  i remember feeling the power of its impulses and the sense that i was not in charged.  My guide told me that my body was not surrendering  and so it needs some encouragement.  Who knew?

After a few days into this new practice i am sensing a deeper relationship with my body so that when the kundalini arises i have a surrendering approach to it rather than “whoa man, what just happened!”  It makes all the difference.

While i have always enjoyed “pranayama” which describes many different types of breathing exercises meant to complement meditation, this practice is nothing like pranayama.  It is more like breathing with silence; breath and silence together yet seperate.

This practice is different from anything i have done so far so it has taken a few days to integrate into my meditation practice.  Now it feels like a natural fit.

i am also noticing a deeper sense of my own individual path to awakening and with it an ever growing confidence that comes with knowing that it is just that.

ciao tutti

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