mile high headache

Rita and i went to Boulder last Wednesday and as usual i had what i like to call my “mile high headache.”  i have become very sensitive to high altitudes in the last decade and it has been a challenge to acclimate to the higher elevations.   The last time i was there was just before my awakening process took off.  This time it was very different.  

On the plane to Denver i was remembering one of my first awakening experiences at my friend Grace’s house in Boulder.  It was just a few days before the February 15 opening, i was in her living room sitting in a rocking chair, no less, listening to Dueter’s “East of the Full Moon” when i left my body and drifted off into a ocean of bliss.  This was very similar to an earlier experience i had in Teotichucan Mexico, the previous October, when I drifted out listening to the Gayatri Mantra.

On schedule, the morning of the second day, a splitting headache dawns in the center of my skull much like the rising of the sun with it’s first ray’s of light gradually growing into the intensity of a hot summer day.  While there was no doubt that i was in pain, i sensed a “presence of awareness” that was beyond the pain.  These words fail in describing the experience of discovering that there is something more to you, that you are more then a physical body, that you are beyond the physical where no pain can reach.

i now had a choice, i could remain with the pain or choose to identify with that “part” of me that is beyond it.  It’s very much like choosing to go into another room of the house, that distances yourself from the object of discomfort and makes it possible for you to stay positive, fearless, and courageous enough to be objective to what the pain is trying to show you.


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