Returning to Self – Lasting Happiness

Everyone, and rightfully so, is searching for lasting happiness.  It seems to be built into our wiring from the moment we come into this world.  We have a natural tendency to want happiness and the circumstances that appear to illicit that special emotional state.  In fact we can’t get enough of it.  Have you ever heard of someone complaining that they have too much love in their life – not to mention money, friends, influence and physical pleasures.

Have you ever given it it a second thought as to why we all share this insatiable desire for more happiness?

When we begin to become more familiar with the nature of our true self, that infinite intelligence that is the pure awareness from which all our thoughts, creativity, and individualism spring from – it’s no wonder that every fiber of our existence seeks the expression of our true self in all aspects of our lives. 

Lasting happiness is that expression where our true self gets to enjoy itself within this beautiful realm of creation and differences. 

That’s the essence of this video and I hope you enjoy it


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