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Most of my close friends already know that i have a weird eclectic personality (spoiler alert?)  i’m hooked on enlightenment as well as being quiet, goofy, spacey, forgetful, pensive, and blissful.  Not to mention how i murder the english language and even go so far as to make up my own words.  A strange combination of “dwarfed” traits that even Walt Disney wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.  So this story of how my bliss has attached itself to my sense of taste has even given me reason to question why Rita hasn’t ran for hills yet!  

About three months ago i began to notice a difference in how food tasted.  i hadn’t change my regular favorite foods including brown rice, veggies, pizza and a wide variety of green salads but they all tasted SO good.

At first i thought it was a side effect of the bliss, my cosmic “hungries.”  Over time as the bliss integrated into my body and i didn’t notice it as much.

Then about a month ago the cycle reversed itself.  i would sit down to eat and as the first bite hit my palate the taste escalated on my tongue to the degree that i thought this was the best thing i have ever eaten.  Instantaneously i would feel the sensations in my head open up and the bliss would bubble over my body like a fountain of ecstasy.

The first time it happened i heard myself say “OMG eating is the new meditation.” Ha Ha! “now I’m really going to get fat.”  I laughed it off as a one-off unexplained awakening phenomena (which happens a lot these day.)

Now it has become almost a routine event and Rita no longer comments when she sees me closed eyes and chewing.

But i’m still laughing inside…

Buon appetito tutti

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