unpacking my experiences with the mind

the days that followed my incredible lesson in surrender were filled with a desire to understand what happened.  While i thought it was a simple “desire to know” impulse it was instead more like an unconscious wish to unpack some mental zip file that was downloaded into my mind from the experience.  i had heard that this could happen but i never understood what unpacking my experiences with the mind entailed.

Thanks to my work with Miguel i have a healthy respect for the power of thought and the spoken word.  While i know that my thoughts govern my word and that my word used either positively or negatively can have major influences on the flavor of every aspect of my life; i never suspected that my thoughts created invitations or refusals for the spiritual openings that are always available to me (and for that matter…everyone.)

i began to realize after this lesson that there was also a new channel of communication being developed between my waking mind and my divine self.  i began to revisit some of my daily, out of meditation, experiences when my head would open up and shower me with blissful energy.

From this new vista i began to remember a most subtle level of thought/connection between my mind and the “opening” experiences.  There are no words to describe this kind of knowing but there it is.  Just before the openings occurred there was a silent communication that my mind’s radar couldn’t pick up before.

Now it seems like a silent language between my awake mind and the divine nature that is knocking on the doors of my perception waiting for a invitation/permission to come into my field of perception.

So here is what i discovered, if you can call it that.  When i surrendered to the headache i released all resistance to it.  With the release of resistance my mind was emptied in a way that i couldn’t accomplish from any state of peace and comfort.  There is something about pain whether it is physical or emotional that clears the circuits of the mind like no other sensation.

The clearing of these circuits seemed to bring out, as if to reveal a new functionality of my mind; to directly contact my divine self when applied with earnestness and desire.

Let’s invite who we think we are… to wake up to who we really are.

Blessings & Love

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