You Are A Winged Warrior

You Are A Winged Warrior

Your practice of silence and meditation will wear down those jagged edges of shame, blame, and pain revealing your blinding luminance that will truly amaze you in a way that you never dreamed possible. Peace Bliss, and contentment wait for you after every edge gives way to your infiniteness.

Like a blood moon, the burning-aching embers of those old memories will return trying to draw you into their spell and it’s then that you have to hang up your wings and slug it out with the old reflections created years ago.  Embracing the emotions, sensations, and judgements feels like a blood-letting battle. It’s not really, but the analogy is close. So, “swinging in the shit,” you may wonder if you’ll ever find your wings again.  Don’t believe it, keep moving forward as your shadows scream threats at you trying to get you to believe the lie. 

You will return back to the loving arms of the divine to recount every one of these ancient battles, which we all must face, and with each remembering you will trust more and KNOW that both the bliss and blood is part of it all.

The dreams, hopes, and desires that you have for your fulfillment only point to a goal that is beyond your perception.  At first you may think that when you “arrive” all your problems will melt and disappear.  This is a good beginning, however as you approach closer you will notice that instead of disappearing they transform into a foreground of relativity called life.  In the background of this day to day, up and down, living is an infinite awareness that supports and embellishes your life so that it no longer threatens, confuses, or diminishes your true self.  Therein lies true freedom not by eliminating part of life but by enriching it. 

It’s the divine integration that takes bliss and blood through countless iterations revealing the source in both – as one.  Now, when you’re slugging it out in the muck,  remember this truth about the shadows and then watch the shift occur. When you remember to do this in the midst of the swinging, the magic occurs.

The battle is a beautiful metaphor for life and the two extremes are joined in a beautiful infinite play.  The bliss reminds us of who we really are while the blood is the screams of our soul to take notice, take action, forgive and surrender to the oneness of it all.

Blessing & Love,

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