The Razor’s Edge

1973 – Las Cruces, NM
I sat in the car completely calm, motionless, totally unaware of my body, as the experience came over me.  My mind tried to grasp the gestalt of it repeating itself like a never-ending waterfall; “Oh my God – I am not my thoughts.”  The words kept coming, over and over again, as if to lament their limitation in matching the experience which in and of itself is beyond all words.  In a split-second twenty-six years of conditioning was smashed to smithereens.  I could never forget the essence of my true self that came forth that day, even when it would occasionally disappear for years.  One moment “I” am my thoughts then the next minute “I am” awareness itself.

I now believe that we all can be reminded of who we are and in doing so ignite each individual spark of consciousness which can create a tsunami-like experience that will leave you surfing your spiritual journey for years to come.

In this video I touch lightly upon this subject.  

I hope you like it.


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