The Hierarchy of Happiness

One of the most universal attributes that all humans share is the desire for lasting happiness. There are so many misperceptions that we have learned throughout our life about the attainment of happiness. It is very ironic and sad to realize that these untruths are the cause for so much pain and suffering which eventually brings us to an inevitable lie: that lasting happiness is either an illusion, impossible, or at best a life-long quest.

“Comforting” would be an understatement describing my reaction to discovering that hidden happiness beneath my conscious level of thinking. My experience of it, for the first time, was like watching a tsunami ravaging the structures of my belief system leaving me free to see clear enough to allow happiness in my life.

In the video below, from the Wednesday meditation group, I speak to a hierarchy of happiness which sheds light on the differences between our “learned” way of finding happiness compare to the self supporting happiness that is the result of touching into our true self.


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