only loving is left

Up until a few months ago my daily practice has been to wake up every morning and ask myself  “what can i do today to further along my awakening?  My desire to “do” something seemed logical but not quite in alignment with my heart.  Some still small piece of my monkey mind kept trying to divert my attention back to doing and then the answer came to me like a whispering voice in my head “there is nothing more to do… only loving is left.” Continue Reading →

the origin of unconditional love is within me

The origin of unconditional love is within, waiting to express itself with and through me.  That is what i am feeling in this very moment as i feel the power of my perfect oneness piercing through the illusion of maya, allowing me to feel connected to all things.  This experience transcends all the limitations and descriptions that i have accumulated in my life; freeing me to define myself in anyway that i see fit.  Continue Reading →