nature surrendering to life

Since my last two posts my body has been trying to get over a cold without much success.  While i realized that asking for help to stop the headache was a desperate act i also knew that there was still much more to let go of.  In the beautiful alpine environment of Vail at about 9000 feet above sea level i witness a demonstration of nature surrendering to life and became one with it; understanding what i needed to move on from this cold.

We woke up early to get to the trailhead before the parking lot was full and i knew that my body would be pushed due to fighting the cold and an altitude higher than i’ve ever hiked before.  What i never expected was to come down off the mountain with a deeper connection to nature and my true-self.

The hike up was simply mind boggling due to the changing colors and contours of a rugged uphill trek unlike any i have ever experienced before.  Walking through stands after stands of multi colored Aspens and enormous Pines i felt like Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit; expecting at any moment to be confronted by a wizard or at least a strange creature.

As if that wasn’t enough the return down was even more glorious.  As we began to move at a quicker pace so did the wind at our backs trailing us down the mountain.  When we reached an enormous stand of yellowing Aspens the wind whipped around everything and the air was filled with leaves falling on us like rain.

Hitting my face and body it was as if I could feel what it was like as each leaf launched itself off it’s branch surrendering it’s identity as it took off into the air, not knowing where it will land.  On it’s new journey to the ground where it will lie and wait to be covered with snow and water; eventually returning it’s nature, essence and nourishment to the earth.  It’s purpose fulfilled.

Feeling the wind swirl forcibly around my body i sensed how my cold was like the Northern Wind whipping up a storm within my soul asking me to let go of every leaf of worry; stripping my branches of belief about who i think i am.  It all happened in a matter of moments and then all was quiet and still.

Once we reached the car i could feel a deep release in my body.  As the cold  flew off my body i could feel the energy in my head intensify as if to say “Well Done.”  Words fail again as i can’t explain this sense of knowing that a new channel of communication is being created; between my true self and my conscious level of thinking.

Te amo tutti

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