Why Mind-Body Breathing Works

Years ago, when I was battling my stress and anxiety it was totally overwhelming. It didn’t occur to me, then, that my mindset was “this has been a battle for so long, I can’t win this, and there is no calvary coming to rescue me.” This only led to more stress, more anxiety, and a sense of helplessness and shame that only ignited even more stress into my life.

As my stress encroached into every area of my life, it only strengthen a strong imprint on my mind that was etched into my memory and became a filter through which I interpreted my world around me. It was like wearing a pair of green sunglasses; everything seemed to be green and to make matters worse, I forgot that the sunglasses were on, and believed it to be true!

It wasn’t until I found a tool that allowed me to gain deep rest and relaxation that the old belief began to disintegrate before my eyes. This tool came to me out of the blue, and with the relaxation that I experienced from this Mind Body Breathing Technique I was able to see that there is a way out of stress and anxiety that doesn’t rely on changing the outward circumstances to which we are reacting.

My life took a 180 degree turn for the better. The secret being the mindbody connection between my breath and my autonomic nervous system.

The act of breathing is not only a miracle but
a powerful source of relaxation that soothes anxiety and stress.

Did you know that there are two distinct methods of breathing? Our autonomic nervous system controls our breath and because of that we never need to remember to breath.  However when we consciously breath in a deep, smooth, and prolonged way it creates an additional functionality that most people are unaware of.

You see, our autonomic nervous system connects our breath to every part of our body. This connection is always on. So when we consciously take deep, slow, and prolonged breaths something magical occurs. The effects of slow deep breathing calms the nervous system and it is felt almost immediately throughout the body. There is always a balance there. The nervous system regulates breath and a certain type of breathing affects the nervous system. Pardon the pun but in this case the tail is now wagging the dog. Now the breath is directing the nervous system to relax and it must respond. 

This one built-in, mind-body connection, is the fool proof science that disrupts the anxiety and stress syndrome in ones life and ignites a new belief that there is a way out of that stressed and anxious life style.

This is what I teach my clients, first how to do the Mind Body breath meditation, and then how to support your practice for long-term calm, peace, and happiness.

Blessings and Love

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  1. Luca DiMatteo says:

    Ed there is so much merit to this blog. You have just opened the door for many of us. With your guidance in using this breathing technique many of us will be able to lower our stress or at least manage it better. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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