my divine marching orders

Since the inception of this blog my insistence on being totally transparent has occasionally made me uncomfortable because in all those experiences where i have had great clarity i realized, early on, that i am writing for you, rather than myself; as i have been instructed to share for reasons beyond my knowing.   So this post definitely falls into that category because i am sharing a very personal communication.  What i thought was going to be a “time alone” road trip to Phoenix turned out to be my divine “marching orders” into a totally new teaching ciriculumn that i could never have imagined.   Continue Reading →

this divine yearning, a divine love

Wherever i go, whatever i do, it reaches endlessly, accompanying all the thoughts in my mind; always right there.  This divine yearning, a divine love that permeates my entire being; overflowing into every thought and action.  It has been showing up slowly, on and off, and then on New Years Eve like a thrown switch it became my second nature.

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